Cloud 9; working with MES to save Fiji's beautiful ecosystem

On the 17th of July 2014, the Mamanuca Environmental Society (MES) carried out the first ever 'Reef Check Survey' and 'Site Inspection' on Cloud 9.

The MES 'Reef Check Survey' determines the health status of Cloud 9'S reef through determining the abundance and distribution of 'indicator species'. 'Indicator species' span over types of fish, invertebrates and substrates.

The MES 'Site Inspection' is a significant tool in identifying potential and existing environmental degradation. This is done through assessing Cloud 9's solid and liquid waste management practices and Cloud 9's compliance with the Fijian Government's environmental laws, rules and regulations.

Through partnerships with MES, local communities, tourism operators and governmental and non-governmental organizations, Cloud 9 is passionately committed to protecting Fiji's stunning marine and terrestrial environment.

Cloud 9's next 'Reef Check Survey' and 'Site Inspection' will take place in November 2014.

How can you help cleanup Fiji?

Throughout Fiji, rubbish has become a significant problem; even the most remote tropical islands are increasingly being plagued with litter. This litter washes up on Fiji's pristine beaches and reef, smothering and killing marine life and posing a health risk to humans.

In 2007 the MES society carried out Fiji's first-ever 'International Beach Cleanup Campaign'. The event, which includes the shore and underwater cleanup of all Fiji's mainland and island beaches, takes place in September/ October each year.

MES's 'International Beach Cleanup Campaign' is the largest concerted and collaborative clean-up effort throughout Fiji. It has become a regular event held in the Mamanuca area with more and more organizations and people participating every year.

Contact MES and join Cloud 9 this year in cleaning up Fiji! 

Contact MES on: 

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