Bula Vinaka from the Managing Director.

Bula Vinaka!

After a long awaited 5 months Cloud 9 will open for business this Saturday the 12th April 2014 under new management.

We invite you to come and visit us at our new location at the beautiful Ro Ro Reef in the Vanua Malolo waters only 10 – 15 minutes from Musket Cove. This weekend will be our soft launch and in due course with the presence and support of Fijian officials we will have our official Cloud 9 launch event.

We would again like to thank Tui Lawa Ratu Sevanaia Vatunitu for his full support!

Because much has been made of our environmental impact over the last season of operations I would like to personally invite all of you to our "Skeptics of the Septics" event being held to shed light on our environmental best practices.

We hope this will be a great opportunity not only to hear a presentation but for anyone to freely ask any questions that may concern anyone in the community of the Mamanucas with respect to our impact on the reef. This event is scheduled for Friday 18th April and all are welcome.

For the record; and for the peace of mind of all, we would like to assure all concerned that absolutely no rubbish will remain out at Ro Ro. ALL WASTE will be carefully and painstakingly removed in bags (or our tank) from this pristine area by our dedicated tender and disposed of on the mainland or with the aid of contractors from the Vanua of Malolo. No heated oils are used in any of our food preparation. All of our staff have been fully and recently trained in quality assurance of food and beverage preparation, and on our environmental best practices by two foreign educators. Two of our staff are first aid trained master 5 captains.

As more legally obtained moorings are sunk in our vicinity it will be the policy and practice of Cloud 9 to dissuade anchoring right next to C9 and we will allow boats to either tie onto us or use moorings provided.

That said, very close to our position on approach from Malolo there is a wide, large and relatively deep sandy area... and if boats do decide to quite legally anchor further from the reef, we can certainly pick them up in our dedicated craft attached to C9. Just give us a shout on VHF Ch 9 and we can come and pick you up.

We have been working tirelessly and closely with the Vanua of Malolo to make this happen with the utmost respect to the community and environment and we know that we can offer visitors to Fiji a truly unique and wonderful experience like no where else in the world.

Please lets all work together to keep Fiji a vibrant and forward thinking destination. I look forward to seeing you all on board Cloud 9!

Vinaka & best regards,

Bar'el Wachtel

Owner / MD C9

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